How to Use Kingsoft Office Flip Add-in to Create Flipbooks in Writer 2013

Kingsoft Office Flip is a free add-in for Kingsoft Office developed by our partner Flip builder. This add-in can help you convert Kingsoft Writer documents to stunning flipbooks. To use this add-in, simply follow steps below.

Install and use Kingsoft Office Flip

Please install Kingsoft Office first, if you haven't done so.

Step 1 Download Kingsoft Office Flip from here: Kingsoft Office Flip. Double click the installer of Kingsoft Office Flip and follow the instructions in the installation wizard to install.

install office flip

Figure 1 Intall Kingsoft Office Flip

Note: Virtual Printer and Ghost Script need to be installed automatically during the installing process. Ghost Script is a package using PostScript language files to print on printer.

Step 2 After the installation of Kingsoft Office Flip add-in is finished, launch Kingsoft Writer. You will find a new tab of Add-in is added to Writer, see below:

office flip add-in

Figure 2 Kingsoft Office Flip add-in

Step 3 On Add-in tab, click on Options to open the following dialog box:

office to flip options

Figure 3 Change Kingsoft Office Flip options

You can change the flipbook type here. If you want to place the flipbook online for others to view, you may choose the *.html type. The other two types: *.zip and *.exe can be used for sharing and CD burning.

Beside output types, you can also change output path, file name and HTML title for the flipbook.

Step 4 Press OK in Figure 3 to apply the changes. Then click Convert to FlipBook on Add-in menu (see Figure 2). The converting will begin.

convert office to flipbook

Figure 4 Convert to flipbook

After the converting to flipbook process is finished, you will get the following flipbook files:

office flip book

Figure 5 Flipbook structure