What's new in Kingsoft Office for Android (Free)

Check this page for the update history of Kingsoft Office for Android.

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[ + Added feature ]
[ - Bug fixed]
[ * Improved/changed feature ]

Office for Android 5.12

Release date: 12/26/2013


[+] Support that .dotx documents can be saved in the original format after editing.

[-] Fixed the bug about Find feature.


[-] Fixed that some specific documents would crash if selected fonts were in Bold.

[-] Fixed that special custom number formats display incorrectly.

Office for Android 5.11

Release date: 12/13/2013


[-] When using the magnifier in Page Layout, if rotating the screen, any operation would not be responded.

[-] In the Screenshot interface of Share feature, if pressing the return key to exit the application, the cursor would not be located properly.


[-] Some html documents could not be opened.

[-] The calculation area was selected incorrectly when using AutoSum feature.

[-] Documents containing specific AutoShape objects could not be opened.

Office for Android 5.9.1

Release date: 11/28/2013


[*] Compatible with the latest Android 4.4 KitKat.


[+] Supported for keeping footnotes and endnotes information when saving .doc files.

[+] Supported for opening Irc, c, cpp, h, asm, s, java, asp, bat, bas, prg, cmd files in text.

[+] Supported for inputting with the external keyboard when the table rows or columns were selected.


[*] Adjusted the color picker display. Improved: Supported PRICE function.

Office for Android 5.8.1

Release date: 11/08/2013


[-] In File Management, the keyboard didn't hide automatically after login successfully when saving documents to the cloud storage.


[-] Fixed: In Writer, there was no any response when tapping the hyperlink in Reader Mode.

[-] In Writer, adjusted the display of "More Font Options" feature interface.

[-] In Writer, when document was opened in Kingsoft Office, if tapping the home key to return and switching the system language, the document couldn't be loaded when opening Kingsoft Office again.

[-] In Writer, when using some keyboards in English, the same letters couldn't be entered continuously with the external keyboard.


[-] In Spreadsheet, some encrypted documents exited with unknown exception.

[-] In Spreadsheet, file corruption issues would appear when opening some documents.

Office for Android 5.8

Release date: 10/15/2013


[*] When pressing the Home key to quit and then return to the program, it would be back to the previous document.

[*] Added the progress circle prompt when copying the document.

[*] Enhanced the speed of opening documents.


[+] Compatible with Swiftkey, Swype and Smartkey keyboard.

[+] Supported for inputting Spanish characters with the external keyboard.

[+] Supported Automatic setting in Font and Underline Color.

[*] The display position of Turn Screen feature in Reader and Full-screen mode.

[*] Supported shortcuts of input keyboards, including Copy, Paste, Arrow keys, etc.

[*] The response of opening and closing documents.

[*] The efficiency of scrolling screen.

[*] The efficiency of zooming documents.

[*] The operation of Indents&Spacing feature.

[*] The operation prompts of encryption and decryption.

[*] Supported for setting the prompt display in TXT texts.


[+] PivotTable.

[+] Table Styles.

[+] Supported the localized number formats of 10 countries or regions, including Spain, Portugal and Russia.

[+] Instant Search Functions, Alphabetical Index and COUPDAYSNC function.

[+] Intelligent Recognition of scientific notation.

[+] Supporting for opening Excel 5.0/95 documents.

[+] Supporting for saving CSV documents.

[+] The selection prompt when inputting the formula.

[*] The animation of hiding toolbar.

[*] Automatically extract the "Text to display" when inserting hyperlinks.

[*] Expanded the Options scrolling area in List Validation interface in Tablet.

[*] The display efficiency of row and column headings when zooming.

[*] Enhanced the dragging and scrolling speed in the workbook.

[*] The Zoom and Tap areas in charts and the charts display efficiency in some documents.

[*] The used memory of some large documents.

[*] The algorithms of Scheduled Backup.


[+] Compatible with Swiftkey, Swype and Smartkey keyboard.

[*] Supported shortcuts of input keyboards, including Copy, Paste, Arrow keys, etc.

Office for Android 5.7.3

Release date: 09/18/2013


[-] In Writer, when using the keyboard built in Samsung devices, the document would quit unexpectedly if long pressing the Delete key.

[*] In Writer, improved the display of the minimum zoom scale in Web-Layout.


[-] In Spreadsheet, all comments were lost after editing some specific files.

[*] In Spreadsheet, to avoid mis-operation, the responses of gestures for adjusting the row height and column width are less sensitive now.

[-] In Spreadsheet, the sheet unexpectedly zoomed to 400% when zooming in some specific areas.

[-] In Spreadsheet, in the Paste Special interface, if select the clip(s) except the first one in the clipboard, and then tap "Paste", the document crashes.

[-] In Spreadsheet, if copy the cell contents, and then switch to other applications and copy contents, the result was wrong when pasting in spreadsheets.


[-] In Presentation, fixed some bugs about the fixed notes display in player when switching presentations.

[-] In Presentation, when the play of the document containing animation is complete, it can not return to the editing mode if tapping the screen.

[-] In PDF, contents disappeared when opening some PDF documents.

[-] In PDF, screen displays in gray when scrolling some PDF documents.