How to Sort Data in Descending with WPS Spreadsheets 2013

It is better to have the worksheets in your workbook arranged in a specific order, which will make it easier to navigate through your document. The sort function in WPS Spreadsheets allows you to arrange the data in descending and ascending order. Sorting data is an integral part of data analysis. Sometimes, you need compile a list worksheet from highest to lowest, descending sort data will help you easy to achieve that. This guide will introduce sort data in descending, the operation steps are as follows:

Sort Data in Descending

Step 1 Select any cell or cells in the worksheet which you want to sort.

Step 2 Click the Sort icon in the Home tab and you can see that there are three options in the drop-down list, namely Ascending, Descending, and Custom Sort, and then choose Descending. See below:

sort data descending

If you want to descend one of columns, you can click on the Custom Sort, and in the Sort dialogue box, choose the specific column that you want to sort in descending, please see below picture:


Step 3 Press the OK button to complete the operation. The data in the worksheet will be sorted by descending.