How to Use Tabbed Windows in Presentation 2013

In the View tab of Presentation 2013, you can use the window related function as you need, such as New Window, Arrange All, Switch Windows, Close Other Windows, and Close Window.

New Window

You can create a new window by the following methods:

  • 1. In the View tab, click New Windowwindows functions to create a new presentation window.
  • 2. In the Application menu windows functions, click New and the Templates dialogue box will open. Select the template you desire and click OK to create a new presentation.
  • 3. Keyboard shortcut combination <Ctrl +N>.
  • 4. In the Quick Access toolbar, click New windows functions.
  • 5. In the Quick Access toolbar, right-click and select New Blank Presentation.

Arrange All

In Kingsoft Presentation, you can arrange the windows, which is convenient for editing multiple presentations at one time. The Steps are as follows:

Step 1 In the View tab, click Arrange All windows functions.

Step 2 Select an option in the drop-down list, such as Horizontal, Vertical, and Cascade.

windows functions

Figure 1 Arrange windows

Based on your needs and presentation, you can adjust the size and position of the window manually.

windows functions

Figure 2 Adjust the size and position of the window manually

Switch Windows

You can quickly switch between multiple documents in Kingsoft Presentation 2013. In the View tab, click Switch Window windows functions to switch windows.

Close Other Windows

If you need to close multiple windows quickly, select the window you want to remain open. In the View tab, click Close Other Windows windows functions.

Close Window

In the View tab, click Close Window windows functions to exit the current window.

You can also select the document tab you need to close in the Quick Access toolbar and double-click or click the cross on the right side.