How to Create Presentation from Templates in Presentation 2013

Kingsoft offers abundant ppt templates for you to apply to your presentations. Learn how to create presentation with Kingsoft Presentation 2013 from ppt templates.

How to Add New Templates to Templates Library

Kingsoft Office’s official website provides a wide selection of popular ppt templates, including business, office, education, report, resume and so on.

Download PPT Templates

Download and save the templates in a new folder under the catalog of Kingsoft template; for example, C:\Program Files\kingsoft\Kingsoft Office\templates\1033\wpp\Resume. Or, you can just save the templates in the existing folders.

How to Apply Templates to Presentation

1. Open Kingsoft Presentation 2013. Click Presentation > New > New from Other Templates, as seen in the following:

create presentation from ppt templates

2. In the pop-out options window, as you can see, there are different tabs labeling different types of templates. The new templates folder we have just created is shown beside the existing ones:

create ppt from templates

Select the template you want to use and click OK. You can also set a certain template as the default template by selecting the Option “set as default template”.

Note: Presentation templates must be saved in *.dpt format in order to be shown in the above templates list.