Install Office 2013 on Windows 8

Kingsoft Office Free 2013 supports Window 8, Windows 7 (32bit, 64bit), Windows XP, as well as Windows Vista (32bit, 64bit) and Windows 2000.

To install Kingsoft Office 2013 on your Windows 8 system, the procedure is the same as on other Windows operating systems.

Download Office Free 2013 for your Windows 8

Install Office Free 2013 on Windows 8

Double click on Kingsoft Office 2013 installer to run the installation process. You will see the following wizard:

install free office 2013 on windows 8

Figure 1. Installation Step One

Press Next to go to the second step, which is the user license agreement. On step 3, you can choose which components to install. By default, all of the components are selected. Press Next in the following steps to complete the installation process.

install office free 2013 on windows 8

Figure 2. Installation Step Four

After installing Kingsoft Office 2013 you will find the office components on your Windows 8 start menu:

free office 2013 on windows 8

Figure 3. Free Office 2013 on Windows 8

When there are updates of Kingsoft Office 2013, you can check for updates by clicking on the above Check for Updates option. If you need to change file extention association settings, click on Configuration Tools option in the start menu.