About WPS Office


Established in 1988, WPS Office is an international software development company with offices in the US, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China mainland. For more than twenty years, Kingsoft Office has led the market in perfecting user-friendly software. Three products are the core of the WPS Office suite: WPS Writer, WPS Presentation and WPS Spreadsheets. These products are all compatible with the Microsoft Office equivalents (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) and offer similar user interfaces on both PCs and mobile devices.

The WPS Office team is comprised of a wide range of experts from various industries. Together, we have built an affordable, compatible, and robust alternative to Microsoft Office - one that we are continually working to expand into the global marketplace.

With this in mind, we have developed four versions of the WPS Office suite: Office for Windows, Office for Android, Office for iOS and Office for Linux. Each version is tailored to the specific needs and complexities of each computing platform. With four versions to boot, WPS Office aims to make mobile computing available to every user, whether they’re in the office, at school, or on their way to the beach.

As a first-class office developer, we are committed to offering the best quality and most user-friendly office software to a constantly expanding base of users.